About Me

My name is Imogen and I have just graduated from Loughborough University with a 1st Class BA in Textiles: Innovation and Design, specialising in Woven Textiles. Having grown up in the Surrey Hills I was surrounded by a variety of aspects which provided inspiration for my work, from vibrant countryside to bustling villages. Coming from a Fine Art background originally, I have refined skills in painting and a good eye for colour. Having chosen to specialise in Woven Textiles at Loughborough I have an understanding of both technical hand weaving and jacquard weaving, both relevant in todays industry. Loughborough has also given me the skills to use various computer softwares effectively including Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Microsoft packages including Excel. 

I decided to specialise in Woven textiles becasue of my interest in learning a technical, craft based skill. I have learnt a great deal of technical processes from dyeing yarn to the set up of a loom and weaving on various looms including a 24 Shaft Arm Loom. My final major project is based on the idea of revitalising classic womenswear tailoring using the vibrancy of the current generation of 20-30 year olds. The collection aims to reflect the dynamism of this age group through various woven samples.